March/April 2013 Issue of RV Technician

Welcome to the spring issue of RV Technician.

Warmer temperatures mean RV owners are planning their summer getaways and bringing their units out of hibernation. What better time to make sure the air conditioning works than before it's actually needed!

No doubt you occasionally get a service customer who wants you to simply “top off” the refrigerant in his leaky AC unit rather than go to the time and expense of finding the leak. But the band-aid approach doesn’t cure the problem and also hurts the environment. Please read “Servicing RV Rooftop Air Conditioners” by Gary Motley and “Air Conditioner Service” by the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) for sound advice on how and why to handle AC repairs.

A special story in this edition—“The RV Roof Demystified” by RVDA Service Consultant Tony Yerman—was prompted by a recent reader inquiry. A service manager asked if RV Technician could help sort out the confusion surrounding what kind of sealer and primer to use on which type of RV roof material. The manager was getting seemingly conflicting information from manufacturers about whether or not a primer is even needed when repairing some types of roofing. The manager had also gotten a service bulletin from an RV manufacturer indicating that the primer it had used to adhere skylights on some of its units may have caused the skylights to crack, making the units susceptible to water damage. Which roof products are compatible with which RV brands, the manager wanted to know.

Tony talked with several of the major roof material suppliers to get answers. In his article, he describes the five types of roof membranes and how to identify them. Then he discusses which type takes which kind of sealant and which products are compatible with which RV brands.

How about you—are you experiencing problems with sealants, roof membranes, and related service bulletins? Let us know!

Table of Contents

  • The RV Roof Demystified - Which type of roof membranes require which type of sealants and primers? Which are compatible? The author gets the answers direct from leading manufacturers.
  • Servicing RV Rooftop Air Conditioners - Service advisers do their customers a favor by making them aware of the need for air conditioner maintenance before they break down in Florida in July. Here's a detailed article on cleaning and repairing units.
  • Air Conditioner Regulations and Service - Don't use the wrong chemicals or techniques when working on AC units--review the federal regulations that all techs must follow.  
  • The Facts About Jacks - A jack is of the easiest pieces of equipment to operate. But every year, many technicians are seriously injured because they didn't use it properly. 
  • Certification How-To - There's more than one path to certification, and it's easier than you think. There are online courses, study guides and tests, and more. Choose your path.

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