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10 Empower Industry Excellence Through the RV Learning Center
This month, RVDA is launching a fundraising campaign in support of the Mike Molino RV Learning Center. The campaign is led by RVLC Chairman Jeff Pastore.

12 Keynote Speaker to Focus on Creating Heroes at 2024 RV Dealers Convention/Expo
Kevin Brown is scheduled to deliver the keynote address during the opening general session of the 2024 RV Dealers Convention/Expo.

13 Creating a Security Culture in Your Organization
This article from A2C covers what organizations should do to reduce risk from cyber criminals.

14 New Developments in RV Transporting: A Special Q&A With Wave Express
Wave Express Executive Vice President Andy Cripe and Senior Vice President of Sales Jay Mohamed talk about how the company works with dealers to deliver units efficiently and safely in a changing RV market.

15 RV Transporter Wave Express Pledges $100,000 to the RV Learning Center
The pledge will provide critical funding for the RV Learning Center at a time of increasing demand for its fixed operations educational programs that serve front-line dealer personnel.

16 Latest Data on RV Customer Satisfaction with Dealership Sales and Service Performance
18 Attention RV Dealership Owners: Transform Your Service Department for Success!
20 RVDA Member Survey Reflects Optimism for the Future; Identifies Challenges to Growth
21 Lightspeed Announces DMS Integrations
22 Someone Has to do Something at Some Point in Time
26 Thinking of Selling Your RV Dealership? Part 2
32 National Go RVing Day Is June 8

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