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The RV Rental Association search engine connects consumers like you with rental agents who specialize in putting travelers in the right recreation vehicle to meet their needs; for traveling across the country, heading to a sporting event, or on a back country adventure. Whatever your destination, an RV Rental Association rental agent can put you on the road. Search nearby your home, your destination, by city/state zip code, or dealership name. 

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What kind of RV should I rent?

The choices are many! Learn more about the different types of recreation vehicles and which will be serve your needs. Learn more at the Go RVing website.

What about fuel costs?

Fuel prices would need to more than double from their current level to make RVing more expensive for a family of four than other forms of travel. Learn more about why RV travel is proven to be cost effective. Learn the facts about why RV travel is a bargain compared to other vacation choices.

How long is a typical rental contract?

Three day weekends are becoming a popular option for consumers renting RVs for travel, but rental agents offer a variety of terms. Find out what rental agents report about the average length of consumer RV rental nights.

Is it just for families?

Families do love RVing, but RV travel has grown in popularity for groups on friends attending big sporting events, heading out on fishing and camping trips, and simply hitting the road to celebrate milestone events.