RVDA Strategic Plan 

Revised January 2022

RVDA’s Timeless Core Ideology

Core Purpose:  To help dealer members achieve and maintain success.

Core Organizational Values:

Professionalism through development and education

RVDA facilitates the sharing of ideas and is a trusted resource for best practices.


RVDA is dedicated to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics.

Equitable member participation

RVDA encourages dealers of all sizes to participate in association affairs and supports diverse opinions.

Industry teamwork

RVDA is committed to working with all stakeholders in the pursuit of industry progress.


RVDA is the leading advocate on public policy and industry issues that impact RV dealers.

RVDA’s Long-term Envisioned Future (10+ Years)

BHAG (Vision):  RVDA is the recognized voice for RV dealers and a catalyst for industry solutions.

Vivid Description of a Desired Future:

RVDA is sought after for its influential leadership and expert advice on issues shaping the RV industry.  The dealer’s voice and views are effectively represented by the RVDA to legislators, regulators, and important stakeholder groups within the industry.  The association values a strong industry and works in collaboration with others to achieve it. RVDA is not only known for its influential voice for RV dealers, but as an essential partner in the success of RV dealerships.  RVDA membership is viewed as integral to business success.  Future generations of owners and new professionals entering the industry especially value the benefits of membership.  RVDA members actively participate in the association’s programs and services, which offer innovative business practices and provide members the opportunity to experience new industry products. RVDA is using technology tools effectively to communicate to members, engage members, and deliver content to members.  

As a result of RVDA’s influential leadership, RV dealers experience business success and more consumers are able to enjoy the benefits of owning, maintaining, and using recreation vehicles.



RVDA is the leading voice promoting the equitable treatment of dealers by manufacturers.

RVDA provides dealers with effective government representation.

Convention & Expo

RVDA will provide exceptional education and experiences that positively influences dealership performance.

Marketing and Communications

RVDA will achieve greater program participation and revenue. 


RVDA will increase membership to achieve greater industry influence.