RVDA Strategic Plan 

Revised June 2024

RVDA’s Timeless Core Ideology

Core Purpose:  To help dealer members achieve and maintain success.

Core Organizational Values:

Professionalism through development and education

RVDA facilitates the sharing of ideas and is a trusted resource for best practices.


RVDA is dedicated to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics.

Equitable member participation

RVDA encourages dealers of all sizes to participate in association affairs and supports diverse opinions.

Industry teamwork

RVDA is committed to working with all stakeholders in the pursuit of industry progress.


RVDA is the leading advocate on public policy and industry issues that impact RV dealers.


  • RVDA advocates for public policies that promote and protect its members’ ability to conduct business and consumers’ use of RVs.
  • RVDA works with industry stakeholders to advance initiatives that enhance consumers’ enjoyment of RV travel.
  • RVDA provides exceptional education and experiences to elevate dealership performance.