July/August 2014 Issue of RV Technician

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Is a good multimeter the most important tool in a technician’s toolbox? According to one writer, part of what distinguishes a true technician from someone who merely changes parts is the ability to perform diagnostics before attempting to make repairs. In “Diagnosing Problems Versus Changing Parts” by Steve Savage, read about the diagnostic process used with common brake and AC problems.

Do you get requests from RV owners for information on how they can install or repair something themselves? Do they ask you to perform questionable procedures to their units? The American National Standards Institute and the National Fire Protection Association produce standards and codes for the RV industry that provide tested and true methods for safely performing repairs.  Not following the codes can put your customers at risk and leave you open to liability. RVDA service consultant Tony Yerman recommends that all technicians have a copy of the ANSI/NFPA handbook and provides a link to it in “Are You Aware of ANSI/NFPA?”

It doesn’t take a master certified technician to wash an RV, yet how often do certified and master techs end up doing jobs that don’t require their
level of training?  Maybe the answer, says Yerman, is to adjust labor rates by the skill level required for the job. As he says in “Labor Rates by Skill Level,” it would show customers they’re not overpaying for having an overqualified person perform the repair.

Finally, if you’ve always assumed that RVDA’s annual convention/expo was just for dealers, please read the special convention section for info on the training opportunities available for techs and service and parts employees. This year’s event takes place Nov. 10-14 at Bally’s on the Las Vegas Strip, and there is truly something for everyone.

Table of Contents

  • Diagnostics - Diagnosing Problems Versus Changing Parts
  • Labor - Labor Rates By Skill Level
  • Safety - Are You Aware of ANSI/NFPA?
  • Convention/Expo - The 2014 RV Dealers Convention/Expo Offers Educational Opportunities for Every Department 
  • Training - Vendor Training +Plus: Training on the Latest Products and Services

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