May/ June 2014 Issue of RV Technician

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Temperatures and humidity levels have risen quickly, and that means you’re hearing from RVers who are discovering that their unit’s air conditioner isn’t up to the job. This edition of RV Technician aims to help everyone stay cool by focusing on the device that makes summer livable.  

First up is an overview on inspecting, cleaning, and repairing air conditioners. This article comes with a handy service checklist that can be used to help increase your shop’s AC service. 

Next is an article about the federal rules that regulate AC repair, including mandatory technician certification, use of proper recovery/recycling equipment, and a section about AC repair facts and fiction.

Hail and severe storms can do a number on rooftop air conditioners, but many of them can be fixed—it’s not always necessary to replace the entire unit. Find out more in “Storm Repair Tips for Air Conditioners.”

You’ll be able to diagnose ACs faster using the simple homemade tester that’s featured in the last air conditioner story. This easy-to-make device will save you time and steps in the heat—very cool!

Finally, learn the proper way to clean a slide topper and how to safely adjust the tension in “Keeping Slide Toppers in Top Shape.”


Table of Contents

  • Air Conditioner Special Section - Repairing and Maintaining, Service Facts and Fiction, Storm Repair Tips, and Faster Troubleshooting
  • Slide Awnings - Keeping Slide Toppers in Top Shape
  • New Products - Cleaning products, outdoor equipment, training and more

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