RVDA Endorsed Products and Services

These companies offer business products and services for RVDA members that have been reviewed and endorsed by the RVDA Board of Directors. Click on the links for more information.

Customer Tracking and Reporting

Customer Service Intelligence, Inc. (CSI)
(800) 835-5274
CSI’s Customer Tracking and Reporting System is an all-new, cloud-based program available around-the-clock, seven days a week. The CSI system gives dealers the ability to track, measure, and manage customer interactions with the dealership and its employee

Credit Card Processing

Fiserve Merchant Services

Ashley Paslay
(804) 931-5932
Fiserve Merchant Services offers RVDA members an annual savings averaging 10-to-15 percent on each Visa and MasterCard swipe transaction. Advanced equipment provides fast authorization, around-the-clock support, and improved funds availability for those with a depository relationship with the bank.

Disability Income Insurance/Paycheck Protection Benefits

American Fidelity Assurance Company

(800) 654-8489 Ext 2492
Dealerships can provide disability insurance to provide security for a portion of an employee’s paycheck in the event they are unable to work due to a covered accident or illness.

Dispute Resolution/Risk Management Consultant

Better Vantage Point

Tom Kline
Lead Consultant and Founder
(757) 434-7656

Better Vantage Point helps great dealers be even better through safeguarding the dealership by uncovering and solving hidden problems.  We’re completely and solely focused on protecting you through our tried and true risk mitigation strategies, ensuring the money you make is the money you keep.   With 30 years as a dealership owner,  Tom Kline, Lead Consultant and Founder has the experience to find and fix risky business practices, hidden state and federal legal issues, poor digital reputations, customer and employee troubles, and unintentional advertising violations. Kline resolves consumer and business disputes, responds to regulatory agency notices, and improves employee HR practices by developing custom employee handbooks.   These safeguards promote profitability ensuring there are processes in place to prevent problems . . .  and de-escalate the problems that do occur.

Emergency Roadside and Technical Assistance


(800) 863-6740
Coach-Net provides emergency roadside and technical assistance solutions to RV dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada and for many RV and chassis manufacturers, RV clubs, and customer membership groups. Coach-Net provides dedicated service using over 150 employees with advanced communications technology tools combined with an extensive database of more than 40,000 service providers. The company employs trained Customer Service Agents and RVDA-RVIA/ASE Master Certified Technical Service Agents.

Employee Behavioral Assessment

Omnia Group

Keather Snyder
(800) 525-7117 x1226  
The Omnia Group’s high-quality assessment solutions can help dealers select the right person for the job, increase retention, develop top talent, improve communication, and build a strong workplace culture. In fewer than 15 minutes, Omnia’s behavioral assessment tool, The Omnia Profile, reveals the personality tendencies of candidates and employees, giving dealers the insight to select, retain, develop and engage their biggest asset. By navigating the complexities of human behavior, dealers can make more informed hiring decisions, decrease turnover, and increase retention to improve return on investment. 

Employee Incentives

(800) 331-6483 

TicketsatWork is a leading corporate entertainment benefit providing unique discounts offered exclusively to companies and their employees. The employee benefit program by TicketsatWork provides unlimited access to exclusive discounts and special offers on top travel and entertainment products including, theme parks, shows, sporting events, concerts, movie tickets, tours and attractions, hotels, rental cars, retail gift cards and much more. Members can sign up for the program by visiting the TicketsatWork landing page.

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), and Human Resources Consulting


KPA provides consulting services and software to more than 6,500 automotive, truck, and equipment dealerships. Its Environmental Health & Safety product line provides on-site, on-call, and online services. Its Human Resource Management software, a total HR solution designed in collaboration with leading labor and employment attorneys, ensures your business is in complete compliance with state and federal regulations. Users have access to on-demand advice from attorneys with expertise in the RV industry. 

Health Collective Purchasing Arrangement

Brown and Brown Dealer Services



The RV Dealers Health Collective Purchasing Arrangement offers members a new way to provide employee health benefits, while saving money.  Through a combination of leveraged buying power and program metrics that carve-out excess costs, RVDA members have an opportunity to lower health care premiums.  Dealers have the option of maintaining their current health benefits or they can further customize their offering to employees.  The program includes a dedicated Brown & Brown Dealer Services representative, turn-key compliance solutions, and administrative support.

Inventory Tracking/Security Solution

KYCS Global, Inc

Jason Lyall

RVDA in the U.S. has joined with RVDA of Canada to endorse KYCS Locate, an inventory location and theft prevention solution, available in the U.S. through Brown & Brown Dealer Services (BBDS). Locate is designed for inventory location and is ideal for trailers and motorhomes. Unlike many GPS-based inventory trackers, there are no monthly subscription fees. The device’s self-powered battery lasts up to five years and can be quickly transferred from one RV to another. There is no need for wiring, and the device can be installed in seconds using powerful built-in magnets or an adhesive.  Locate will update the RV’s location at least once a day on the KYCS web portal and mobile application. If the RV is stolen or goes missing, the KYCS monitoring team can remotely program the Locate device to actively track the RV.

Loan Origination and Warranted Loan Documents


AppOne is a web-based indirect loan origination platform designed to help recreational vehicle dealers and lenders manage the origination process of retail credit applications from lender submission to funding. It provides dealers and lenders access to a library of compliant and warranted loan documents. The loan documents are regularly reviewed for compliance with the latest the federal and state laws in all 51 U.S. jurisdictions. Dealers using AppOne also have access to their lender(s) on the AppOne Lending Network, a community of national, regional, and local financial institutions. The network makes it easier for dealers to establish lender partnerships and secure financing for their customers.

Market Intelligence Program

RV Industry Data Program from Statistical Surveys

Scott Stropkai, National RV Sales Manager
(616) 281-9898 ext.128
Dealers receive a ten percent discount on customized reports through The RV Industry Data Program. Using Tibco Spotfire software, the program provides dealers with data visualization and analytics that can yield valuable insights for better decision making, including data on where new units are being registered and which dealers sold which units by make, model, length, and axles. 

Office Supplies

Office Depot

www.officediscounts.org/rvda.html Office Depot and OfficeMax are now one company! RVDA Members can save up to 80% on over 93,000 products. Great for your printing, cleaning, break room, and office needs. Shop online or in any Office Depot or OfficeMax store. Enjoy FREE next-day delivery on online orders over $50! Click here to shop online or print off a FREE Store Purchasing Card!

Pre-owned RV Appraisal Guidance

J.D. Power Appraisal Guides & NADAguides.com

The J.D. Power RV Appraisal Guide is an essential tool for dealers needing to determine the average market value for used RVs.  RV Connect, is also available and provides updated RV values, creates custom window stickers for both newer and older RVs, and more.  These products are all available at the RVDA “members only” rate
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Propane and Propane Supplies

Global Gas


(303) 790-2661
Global Gas’s Global Independent Network (GIN) distributors provide customized solutions for RVDA members so they don’t run out of fuel, while also ensuring full compliance and safety.  Global Gas is now offering its wholesale price at the retail level to ensure the most competitive price available. The GIN distributor will also install any necessary equipment to ensure a hassle-free and compliant transition.

Suburban Propane

(843) 873-1743
Suburban Propane offers discounts to RVDA members on propane along with attractive and safe equipment for refilling most any propane cylinder, 24-hour service, on-site training of dealership personnel, signage, and a periodic review of filling stations by experienced safety experts.

RV Service Contract Programs

Protective Asset Protection's XtraRide Service Contract Program

(800) 794-5491
Protective Asset Protection provides F&I products and solutions focused on enhancing dealer profitability and customer satisfaction. Protective Asset Protection’s RV service contract program, XtraRide® , has been exclusively endorsed by the RVDA since 1992.

RVDA/Spader 20 Groups

Spader Business Management

(800) 772-3377
RVDA/Spader 20 Groups managed by Spader Business Management help dealers improve their management skills, recognize market trends, and solve problems. The groups include non-competing dealers who share experiences to develop best practices.

Sales Forecasting 

Strategy Titan

Strategy Titan provides towable and motorized product forecasts at the national, regional, state, and localized Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) levels. In addition, Strategy Titan forecasts can be used to provide independent third-party confirmation of internal forecasts, aid in site selection for dealership expansion, and provide more confidence in decision-making.  Strategy Titan requires a subscription to the Statitiscal Surveys data program. However, all RVDA members can potentially benefit from Strategy Titan’s high-level data that will be published in RV Executive Today and other association communications.

Shipping Discounts

PartnerShip offers the RVDA Discount Shipping Program

(800) 599-2902
The RVDA Discount Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip, provides RVDA members with substantial shipping discounts. RVDA members who enroll in the free program will save on small package shipments with FedEx and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipments with UPS Freight and Con-way Freight. Shipping supplies are discounted, too. Visit www.PartnerShip.com/79rvda for more information and to enroll.