James B. Summers Award Winners

The James B. Summers (JBS) Award recognizes an individual deemed to have made a consistent and outstanding contribution to  RVDA and its members. Nominations are solicited from the membership and the selection made by RVDA’s Board of Directors. The association named this award in honor of the late RVDA Executive Vice President James B. Summers.
2016    Jeff Hirsch
2015    Earl Stoltzfus
2014    Debbie Brunoforte
2013    Jim Shields
2012    Butch Thomas
2011    Bert Alanko
2010    Jeff Pastore
2009    Marty Shea
2008    Randy Biles
2007    Ernie Friesen
2006    Joe Range
2005    Rick Horsey
2004    Jim Fogdall
2003    Tom Stinnett
2002    Fran VanPelt
2001    Dan Pearson
2000    Crosby Forrest
1999    Randy Thompson
1998    Bill Thomas
1997    Bob Strawn
1996    Bob Azevedo
1995    Jerry Greer
1994    Bill Gorman
1993    Larry McClain
1992    Dave Altman
1991    Dave Ayers
1990    Duane Spader
1989    Jack Moran
1988    Rex Floyd
1987    Gaylord Maxwell
1986    Jim Summers