Partners of Progress (POP) Meetings

RVDA Industry Relations Committee Changes Name of Dealer/Manufacturer Meetings to Partners of Progress (POPs)

2024 POP Meetings Schedule
(subject to change)

RVDA’s Industry Relations Committee has approved a name change for the dealer-manufacturer meetings held at the RV Dealers Convention/Expo to Partners of Progress (POPs).

“The committee felt that the POPs name better reflects the nature of the relationship between manufacturing companies and the dealers who sell their products," said RVDA Industry Relations Committee Chair Debbie Brunoforte of Little Dealer, Little Prices (a Campers Inn RV Company). The POPs meetings were formerly known as Partners In Progress (PIPs).

Partners of Progress Committee meetings provide dealers with a forum to discuss brand-specific issues with top management from participating manufacturers. Only dealers who carry the specific brand may attend these meetings. Dealer volunteers moderate the meetings which are held in-person at the annual RVDA Convention/Expo in Las Vegas.  The 2024 convention is scheduled for November 11-15 at Paris Las Vegas. 

Purpose of RVDA Partners Of Progress Meetings:

1)      To create a forum for strengthening the business relationship between the dealers carrying a specific manufacturer’s brands and that manufacturer.

2)      To provide productive feedback to improve the quality of the brand and the customer’s ownership experience.

3)      To raise customer satisfaction levels.


1)      Resolving broad-based issues that are not specific to any dealership or small group of dealerships.

2)      Seeking win-win, cost-effective solutions to problems faced by dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, and customers.

POP meetings are guided by the following values:

1)      Confidentiality. Communicating the outcome of POP meetings activities to competing manufacturers or dealers not carrying the manufacturer’s brands is are not allowed, unless jointly agreed upon by the brand committee and manufacturer.

2)      Respect, honesty and integrity, including the honoring of commitments.

3)      Proactively gathering and sharing information, and taking the initiative to find and share solutions.

4)      Being prepared, objective and accurate.


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