September 2020 Issue of RV Executive Today

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10   Keeping the Dealership Staffed and Stocked is the Latest Challenge for Retailers
Dealers report that good hires are hard to find, and so is inventory. Stories start on page 10.
10  Looking for Qualified Hires? Visit RVDA’s New Career Center  
Dealers looking to refill positions or expand their workforce quickly because of the current market now have another resource — RVDA’s newly launched and revitalized career center.
14  RV Learning Center Offers New RV Service Writer/Advisor Online Course
The Mike Molino RV Learning Center has launched a new RV service writer/advisor online course that will provide these critical front-line dealership personnel with the skills they need to develop lifelong customers.
18  RV Retail Market Makes “Incredible Recovery”
After April sales dropped 50 percent, the most recent Baird survey found dealers reported a 30 percent sales increase just two months later.  The surveyed dealers believe strong sales continued in July and will last into 2021.
21  Getting Tired Yet?
Maybe you had been thinking, even before the pandemic struck, that it might be time to drive off into the sunset in your own RV. Now the financial and emotional roller coaster ride of the past six months has helped convince you. The timing is great for handing over the reins to someone else. 
22   Making the Connection Between Your Fixed Operations Personnel and Your RECT Costs
The dealership’s fixed ops staff can affect how long it takes to complete repairs. The RV Learning Center’s new course for service writers/advisors can help improve a dealership’s RECT.   
22  New Website for RV Fixed Operations Professionals  
23  RVDA Editor Mary Anne Shreve Announces Retirement
Latest List of Certified/Recertified Fixed Ops Professionals