November 2020 Issue of RV Executive Today

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10 Workshop Highlights for the 2020 RV Dealers Virtual Convention/Expo

Convention/Expo workshops are designed to put dealerships in the best position to take advantage of new trends and market developments in the coming year. A full lineup of class-leading education workshops features something for everyone in your dealership.

16 Vendor Training +Plus Sessions Scheduled for the Virtual Convention/Expo

This year's Vendor Training +Plus sessions will put staff members on the fast track to becoming experts in the offerings of their vendor partners. Most presentations will be available on-demand.

20 How Being Different Grows Your Dealership

To succeed in today's environment, businesses must make the customer experience something that is just ordinary, but something customers look forward to repeating the next time they visit. Design a remarkable experience they don't expect.

26 A View from Here: Make Sure Advertising is Clear and Honest

Because of COVID-19 being in the news cycle constantly, there has not been as much information reported about any enforcement actions. But the FTC is out there, and enforcement actions are happening and ongoing.

32 Are you Ready to Sell?

When courting a potential buyer for your business, it is important to highlight cash flow as well as unanticipated risk factors. Having seasoned personnel in management positions can also be a great selling point.


12 KPA Experts to Examine Workplace Safety, Wage and Hour Laws for Virtual Workshops
14 On-Demand Sessions Boost Education Opportunities
18 How to Navigate the Convention Platform