March 2021 Issue of RV Executive Today

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10 NTP-STAG Show Kicks Off the New Spring Products

Distributor’s annual sales show included both in-person and virtual booths. Orlando event was one of the first to bring industry reps back together.

14 Shake-up in Electric Vehicle Market

One pickup has a towing potential of 11,000 and a driving range of 300 miles. Van planned for motorhome production would be priced comparable to internal-combustion vehicles.

18 Putting it in Perspective

Despite an unimaginably bad start to the year, the RV retail market proved to be incredibly resilient in 2020.

20 Recently Endorsed Products and Services

The RVDA Board of Directors has approved the endorsement of three new products and services upon the recommendation of the RV Assistance Corporation.

21 Two Former RVDA Leaders Pass Away

Former RVDA Chairman Jerry Greer and Former RVDA President Dr. Wayne Peay passed away in the first quarter of 2021.

26 Trust, Your Employees, and Lady Gaga

Tom Kline, founder of Better Vantage Point, explains that dealers can restore the trust of disgruntled employees by eliminating these nine toxic practices.

28 Phone Always Relevant in Fixed Operations

Phones in the fixed operations department are often neglected, according to Process and Compliance Consultant Guy Manasse. Basic phone skills are necessary for every dealership department.