June-July 2020 Issue of RV Executive Today

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10   We’re Back--And How!
What a roller coaster ride it’s been for RV manufacturers and retailers this year. Here’s a roundup of what’s happening around the country as recreation-starved consumers turn this into the Summer of the RV.
14   Marketing During a Pandemic 
RV dealers find themselves the unexpected beneficiaries of the coronavirus outbreak, as quarantine-weary consumers snap up everything on the lot. What are the rules in this changed environment?
18   RV Rental Operators Benefit from Surging Market Conditions
Event-related rental business died in the spring, but the reopening of parks and campgrounds set off a rush to get outside that more than made up for the lost revenue. 
20    Senate Passes the Great American Outdoors Act
The GAOA, which would provide billions for maintenance and repairs at the country’s national parks, is “the single greatest piece of conservation and outdoor recreation legislation before Congress in decades,” says Jessica Turner, executive director of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.  
22   CDK Global Lightspeed’s RECT Reports Pinpoint Service Bottlenecks
Dealers can now access key reports to help them benchmark against national figures, see their manufacturers’ performances, and more.
30   Go on a REAL Vacation!
Here’s how Go RVing adapted its messaging to the pandemic by emphasizing the freedom, comfort, and safety that RV travel provides.