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10   Special Sales Section
Summer’s here, and all hands are on deck at RV dealerships around the country. Step up your sales game to make the most of the hot retail market, using these tips on training, motivating, marketing, and more. 
14   Marketing: Finding A Strategy That Works
Constantly changing technology is rapidly shifting consumer behavior, and dealers are confronted with questions about where to spend their ad dollars--social media, email blasts, radio, TV, newspaper, direct mail, or all of the above?
16   What’s Selling NOW
See what’s moving off dealer lots in this informal poll of best-sellers.
18   The Nonstop, Never-Ending Search for the Perfect RV
RV buyers spend months looking at inventory online, even when they’re not ready to commit. Research shows they’ll take the plunge if they find just the right unit.  
19   Don’t Make Them Wait: Today’s Customers Are Further Down the Sales Funnel
The Internet gives RV customers most of the info they need to choose a unit and dealership, so by the time they reach out to you, they’re motivated. Don’t keep them waiting for your response or they’ll move on to the next dealership.
20   New RV Technical Institute Will Work to Reduce Repair Times, Alleviate Tech Shortage
RV industry partners are developing a multi-million-dollar world-class training facility in the Elkhart, IN, area that will address longstanding problems.
23   Certifiably Professional
Find out who’s been recently certified or recertified through the RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician Certification Program and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center.
21    RVDA Board Adjusts DSI Survey Schedule
21    RV Manufacturers, Suppliers Concerned about U.S. Trade Policy

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