Go RVing Dealer Tie-in Program 


The Go RVing dealer tie-in program is back for 2015 . . . and better than ever!
The "Away" campaign returns with the emotion-driven family focus of past campaigns, along with continued emphasis on the affordability and accessibility of the RV lifestyle for multi-generational families. This optional program also gives dealers, state dealer associations, and their agencies options to use professionally-developed materials connected to the national campaign.

View the complete Go RVing Multimedia Marketing Plan that uses cable TV, print and digital publications, and social media outlets to effectively promote the RV lifestyle throughout the year.

Here are the highlights:

Leads-Plus Program
24 hours a day, seven days a week, Go RVing dealers signed up for the tie-in program can access Go RVing leads via the internet, prioritized according to purchase time-frame.

Downloadable Commercials and Stock Footage
Target your local markets with tagable versions of the Go RVing national commercials or create your own using the latest professionally shot stock footage. Both now available as downloads. View sample videos at the Go RVing website. New this year, you can preview footage before you purchase it once you sign in with your Go RVing credentials.

Digital RV Photos in the Image Bank on Go RVing.com
Go RVing Dealers signed up for the program have access to multiple high resolution images of consumers enjoying a variety of RV products to use in print and online advertising, on websites, for social media, and other promotional materials.

Ready to sign up? Click here for a FORM and get started today.  Questions? Email Chuck Boyd at RVDA cboyd@rvda.org or call him at (703) 591-7130 x113 or on the RVDA member service hotline.

Sample Video Available Through Go RVing

Pennant Fever! New Dealer Tie-In Materials

This year, participating dealers will receive all-new Go RVing pennants, ideal for display at the dealership and special events.  Each pennant flag is 11.5 inches across the top and 18 inches in length. Each string of ten pennants is 15 feet long. Participating dealers will receive the pennants this month.

Not signed up yet? Don't wait. Click here to sign up NOW and take advantage of these professionally developed materials.


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