05MG - RV Damage Repair Estimator 4th Issue
05MG - RV Damage Repair Estimator 4th Issue
RV Damage Repair Estimator A tool for consistent, data supported, claim estimates The RV Damage Repair Estimator, 4th Edition More than ever, RV dealerships look to increasing efficiencies and service department revenue. A growing source of that revenue comes from insurance company reimbursements for collision, storm, and vandalism repair. Insurance providers have set policies that govern reimbursement of repair claims. It helps RV service departments and insurance providers prepare consistent, data supported, claim estimates. The RV Damage Repair Estimator can help your service team: Schedule work; Measure performance; Keep technicians on task and on time; and Prepare detailed and consistent consumer and insurance company estimates. © 2007, Published by Tony Yerman, 300+ pp., 8.5 x 11" Item #05MG
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