81SB-CD ROM Service Manager Learning Guide
81SB-CD ROM Service Manager Learning Guide
CD-ROM Version - These comprehensive learning guides provide nine sections to educate new and existing service managers in the “best practices” to increase their knowledge and skills and prepare for the service manager certification exam. CD-ROM version. The guides cover the duties and tasks that service managers should be able to perform effectively manage the service department and better serve their customers. They’re a valuable tool, and can be used to educate both new and experienced service managers in “best practices” and prepare them for certification.

The Service Manager Learning Guide consists of nine sections:
Section A - Manage Service Department Work Flow
Section B - Provide Customer Service
Section C - Generate Service Department Revenue
Section D - Review Administrative Reports
Section E - Manage Human Resources
Section F - Supervise Support Staff
Section G - Train Service Department Staff
Section H - Promote Public Relations
Section I - Perform Administrative Activities
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