2021 Go RVing Dealer Program
2021 Go RVing Dealer Program
2021 Go RVing Dealer Tie-in Program The new 2021 Go RVing Dealer Tie-In Program is now available for RV dealers and affiliated ad agencies to leverage the power of the national “Go On a Real Vacation” advertising and promotion campaign at the local level..

Focused on family adventure, couples, and the benefits of outdoor travel, Go RVing’s new multimedia marketing communications campaign continues to emphasize the flexibility and affordability of RV travel for today’s consumers.

This optional program is an ideal way to bring the Go RVing national campaign into your own advertising and promotion, while providing access to new leads generated by the Go RVing web site.

Here are the highlights:
Go RVing Leads Program
24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to consumer leads generated through the Go RVing website.

Marketing Tools
Dealers can download royalty-free photos, visuals, artwork for dealer websites, industry statistics and analytics, and other marketing needs.

Access to Commercials and Stock Hi-Definition Video Downloads Target your market with customizable versions of the current Go RVing national TV commercials or create your own using the latest stock footage which is available for purchase as downloads. More images and stock footage will be available as we go through 2021. Dealers will also receive updated Go RVing promotional materials for display at their dealership, retail shows, and other special events.

The cost to sign up for the optional Go RVing Dealer program is $250.