The Mike Molino RV Learning Center and the Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) have partnered since 2006 to provide online video-based training for RV dealership personnel through the Distance Learning Network (DLN). The DLN represents a convenient and cost-effective way to provide dealership training.

In today’s competitive marketplace, dealerships are focusing on training their technicians to ensure their service departments are effective and efficient with their customers’ needs. For over 20 years, the Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) has focused its training model on the business needs of dealerships. The Distance Learning Network (DLN) is the FRVTA's online training platform. For more information, including pricing, click here, call 813-702-1113, or email

Features and Benefits:

  • Web Based: All you need is a high-speed internet connection to access a video library.
  • Dealership Delivered: Pick any time and place that fits your business needs.
  • Instructor Led: Master Certified Instructors with over 25+ years teaching the content.
  • Mentor Managed: Select your mentor, then build strong teams that work together in service.
  • Designed for Group Learning: Students can learn fast from inspiration and a highly motivated group of colleagues.
  • Take advantage of courses that cover: Technician training, advanced manufacturer classes, service advisor and RV receptionist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What information is taught? The DLN’s training content prepares each technician with the information they need to become proficient in their particular craft. It uses the latest RVIA/RVTI textbooks as a foundation for learning.
  • Can you become an RVTI Certified Technician through the program? Yes. If the technician decides she or he would like to certify with RVTI, the DLN will prepare the technician to understand their complete body of knowledge.
  • What tools are available to each mentor? FRVTA offers access to RVTI textbooks (purchased separately), industry professional video library, online pre-testing, hands-on skill assessments and suggested mentor teaching tools.