• RV Learning Center/KPA Webinar to cover Hidden Workplace Hazards 

    Posted on 8/15/2018
    The Mike Molino RV Learning Center and strategic partner KPA will host a free webinar on Monday, August 20th entitled ‘Addressing Hidden Hazards in the Workplace.’ Attendees will learn how to identify, measure, and address unseen hazards that dealers
  • Webinar: New California Prop 65 Rules 

    Posted on 8/9/2018
    This 20-minute webinar will cover the new requirements and how to best prepare your company to comply with Prop 65. This webinar is intended for compliance personnel from manufacturers, suppliers and CA RV dealerships.
  • 527 Current Number of Active MMRVLC Certifications

Benefits of a professional certification include:
  • A respected career path with increased opportunities for career advancement
  • Evidence of competence, dedication and professionalism
  • Businesses gain an edge over the competition with greater employee retention and performance
  • Credibility and confidence to be a high performing contributor within the RV dealership
“Before our technicians were certified, it took them longer to do the job. Once they were certified, they did the work in half the time and our customers appreciated not having to bring their RV back.” -Mick Ferkey

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