Certification Overview

Created for the people who are the 'face' of your dealership

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The Mike Molino RV Learning Center offers five certifications. The credentials are designed to recognize individuals employed in the RV industry that demonstrate a thorough knowledge of their jobs and a commitment to professionalism. The Learning Center partnered with the Ohio State University's Center for Education and Training for Employment to develop the certifications (including policies and requirements), competency profiles, and instructional materials for RV service, parts and warranty professionals.

Certification Application/Test Fees
1. Service Manager - $249
2. Service Writer/Advisor - $199
3. Warranty Administrator - $199
4. Parts Manager - $249
5. Parts Specialist - $199

Eligibility (Minimum Amount of Experience)

Service writer/advisor, warranty administrator, and parts specialist certifications are appropriate for individuals currently employed in the industry with at least one year of service, parts, warranty department, or related industry experience.

Management-level parts and service personnel with at least two years work experience in RV service, parts, or related industry experience and possess the necessary supervisory and budget planning knowledge, are eligible for the service manager and parts manager certifications.

How to Prepare

Certification includes a rigorous testing process that ensures dealers their certified staff are knowledgeable in their field according to industry standards, as well as what is displayed in each position's competency profile and form the basis of what is covered on the certification tests. NOTE: in addition to meeting minimum level of experience requirement, completion of relevant training, by any number of industry providers, is highly recommended prior to taking a certification test. 

Have questions about the application or testing process? Download the certification FAQ information page.

Resources to prepare working professionals for certification:
  • Enroll in the Service Writer/Advisor Online Course: offers 9-modules on skills and duties for service writers/advisors and is a tool that helps prepare individuals for the certification exam.
  • Enroll in the Parts Specialist Online Training Course: offers 8-modules on skills and duties for parts specialists and parts managers and is a tool that helps prepare individuals for the certification exam.
  • Enroll in the Parts Manager Online Training Course: offers 4-modules on skills and duties for parts managers and is a tool that helps prepare individuals for the certification exam.
  • Learning Guides complement existing in-house training programs. RV industry trainers will often use the guides as supporting materials.
  • Online readiness tests or pre-assessments, help individuals assess their job knowledge and preparedness for certification. 
  • Training programs offered by Florida RV Trade Association’s Distance Learning Network. The online training program offers instructional content for almost every position at an RV dealership.
  • Training program offered by Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association. PRVCA offers both in-person and online training.
  • Manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and professional RV industry trainers help certification candidates build on their base of on-the-job experience with formal, structured training. Contact your vendors to learn about the training opportunities they provide, and use RVDA's Find a trainer search tool. 
  • RV Dealers Convention/Expo offers over 20 hours of timely educational workshops at their annual convention/expo.