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 RV Rental Revenue Jumps Again with Longer Contracts and Increasing Fleet Size, Survey Says (5/26/2016) 
   Heading into the summer of 2016 the market for RV rentals is solid according to a spring survey by the RV Rental Association.
 Changes to the Overtime Rule: Learn How It Will Affect Your Business in a Free Webinar (5/23/2016) 
   The live webinar takes place Wednesday, May 25 at noon EDT with HR expert Kathryn Carlson presenting this timely topic. It will also be recorded for future viewing.
 Leadership Expert Pete Smith to Present Workshops at Convention/Expo (5/19/2016) 
   Versatile speaker takes on leadership, communication, and career advancement in three education workshops on Thursday, Nov. 10.
 CareerCo's Free Hiring Tool Helps RV Dealers Craft Better Job Descriptions (5/19/2016) 
   The CareerCo site offers hundreds of unique RV dealership-specific job descriptions in boilerplate language that can be customized to meet a dealer's needs.
 Your Personal Invitation to the RVMH Hall of Fame Induction Dinner (5/13/2016) 
   The dinner takes place in Elkhart at the RV/MH Hall of Fame's Northern Indiana Event Center on August 1.
 Speaker Will Promote Ways to Modernize Dealership Practices for Innovation and Profits (5/12/2016) 
   Cory Mosley, business strategist and retail expert, will present three workshops at the convention/expo. Preview his videos and register today at early-bird rates!
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