John Spader

 Spader Business Management

Born and raised in South Dakota, John Spader serves as President of Spader Business Management. John is one of the primary instructors of the popular Total Management Workshop offered by his company, and presents various other workshops and seminars related to business management. He is the author of articles which have appeared in many industry journals. John has been invited to speak for groups including Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of America, Marine Retailers Association of America, North American Equipment Dealers Association, Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, and many more.
He has worked closely with individual businesses in a variety of industries located in several countries around the world as a small business management resource provider and Spader 20 Group facilitator. He has also consulted and worked with associations and manufacturers, always with the focus on the privately-owned business whose owners’ savings are on the line.

SPECIAL SESSION: Solving the Performance Puzzle for 2020

Wednesday, November 13
2:00 - 4:15 p.m.

Co-presented by: Michael Rees, A World of Training and John Spader, Spader Business Management

The RV industry has had many years of good market conditions and sales increases. Some key questions for owners and managers to ask now are:
Is my business ready for the next soft market? Are we positioned to thrive in the changes that are taking place in an evolving RV industry? Are we ready for future transitions, whether that might be an external buyer,
or a transfer within the family? How can we identify the key metrics to monitor and manage these issues? John will take attendees through an assessment of your business, which will allow you to look at it from a strategic point of view. You will see what a successful business looks like, and learn the three growth curves. Michael will share the specific ground-level processes to install and monitor that allow you tap the potential of the dealership, including “branding” of your front-line personnel when working with the customer of today.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • A list of key numbers and measures to guide you in deciding whether to focus on stability or growth
  • Self-assessment tools that allow you to rank your dealership in regard to its readiness for stability and growth
  • A business development model designed to map out the next steps to healthy, strong and stable growth for your company
  • The best personality traits for employees to show how your dealership is differently better
  • Specific requirements for employees to work seamlessly with ALL customers – ALL generations!
  • Clearly defined processes to work the business model described above, for both stability and growth