Martin Onken

Expedition Motor Homes, Inc.

Martin Onken is the President of Expedition Motor Homes in southern California. In addition to leading and managing the dealership, he also trains and consults third parties to open and operate successful RV rental dealerships and departments. Martin has presented at the RVDA convention/expo in previous years, primarily focusing on rental specific education.  
Two-Part Mini Rental School

Part 1: Your Rental Department: RVing for the Other 76 Million Households
Part 2: Three Easy Steps to a $1,000,000 Rental Department

Sponsored by RVRA in partnership with MBA Insurance

Tuesday, November 6 
12:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Presenters: Martin Onken, Expedition Motor Homes, Inc., Scott Krenek, Krenek RV Center and Leslie Pujo, Esq, Plave Koch PLC

The 2018 Mini Rental School is offered as two-part session. Part one is designed for dealers interested in the basics of the RV rental business. Part two is dedicated to dealers already in the rental business and interested in tips and suggestions for improving their operations. Whether you’re an experienced rental dealer, or just getting started – you’re welcome at one or both sessions.

Part One: Your Rental Department: RVing for the Other 76 Million Households

RV rental is the new hot thing! Not everyone is going to buy an RV. Does that mean that you don’t want them as customers? Add that missing leg of your business to become a true "full line dealer" servicing your market area. Of course, you want to service the entire RV loving community! We will show you what and how to do those basic things necessary to expand your business.

Part Two: Three Easy Steps to a $1,000,000 Rental Department 

Rental is big! Not everyone knows how to do it right.  You will learn the steps to a successful rental department. There is no reason to make the mistakes that the others are making. Attendees will learn the areas of the rental business that are a ‘must’ do to be successful.  

The Check-Out and Check-In: The Birth and Death Moments of Every RV Rental Company

Wednesday, November 7
2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Martin Onken
, Expedition Motor Homes, Inc.

Reality and expectations either collide or unite during these critical 60 minutes of each RV rental. Is the RV what the customer expected? Can they remember and operate the unit without problems? What if they do damage? How do I handle that without the customer going ballistic? Can I really help them if they encounter problems on the road 500 miles from home? How do I show my gratitude that the customer returned the RV intact? What kind of review will they give us? These are among the most sensitive, and important moments in building a relationship of trust with our customers. This workshop will share proven methods, skills and habits that will make these worries opportunities to be proud of, that will create loyal, profitable customers.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • How to do an effective check out that make customers shake your hand
  • How to do a thorough check in that will surprise your customer
  • How to handle sensitive problems and questions about the condition of your RV

Profitable RV Rentals: Jumping the Grand Canyon to Success

Wednesday, November 7
3:15 - 4:15 p.m.

Martin Onken
, Expedition Motor Homes, Inc.

This presentation will explore various rental pricing options a RV rental company might consider. Am I charging enough? Too little? Am I making any money? Am I making any profit? What else should I be selling? What’s my ROI? When should I stop selling this item or service? Making these decisions wisely are the core of successful dealers, and the reasons many dealers don’t survive the seasonal and growth challenges we all experience. This workshop will provide 10 simple guidelines to implement immediately for rental dealers to use before it’s too late.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • How to answer the top 7 pricing dilemmas each rental dealer experiences every year
  • How do cost, price and profit jointly work to insure your healthy rental business
  • How to fix it if your dealership has been “Pricing for Problems” instead of “Pricing for Profit"