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General Information 
RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician Certification Tests

Certification Process

To be considered a RVDA-RVIA Certified technician, a technician must take and pass two required tests.  

Test 1 – Registered Technician (105 questions)
Test 2 – Certified Technician (200 questions)

NOTE: Those currently certified or those with an expired certification are exempt from the Registered Technician test.  All other applicants are required to take the Registered test as the first step of the certification process.  This policy will continue during the certification transition period.  All applications must received and tests paid for by Dec. 31, 2019.

Both tests are multiple choice, timed tests. Each test establishes that the technician is proficient in core knowledge within multiple areas.  For a complete breakdown on the areas for each test, use the links at the end of this document. The tests are delivered utilizing an online proctoring service, ProctorU. To take an online proctored test, your computer must be equipped with a working web camera, microphone, speakers and high-speed internet connection. Each applicant must submit a test application and payment; once processed they will be notified via e-mail with a "Reservation Invitation" from ProctorU.   This e-mail provides a link for the test taker to schedule their own test at time that is convenient for them.  The deadline to take your test is 4 weeks after receipt of the Reservation Invitation. 

Registered Technician 

Passing score 76.2%; 80/105 questions answered correctly.  Valid for five years. Must retest or move on to Certified technician before expiration. 

Certified Technician 

Passing score 76.5%; 153/200 questions answered correctly.  Valid for five years. Must recertify or retest to maintain certification. 

Master Certification

To achieve “Master” Certified status a technician must meet the following criteria:

  • Score a 90% or higher on the certification test
  • Have at least five years of RV service experience

Note:  In the event a technician with less than five years’ experience achieves the 90% or higher on the test, he/she will be designated a Certified Technician and will be automatically upgraded to Master Certified Technician upon completion of the 5-year documentable experience requirements. Recertification requirements will be from the original certification date.

Test Development

The RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician tests establish the standards of knowledge and performance designed to measure the technical competency of RV Service technicians and to recognize those technicians who meet or exceed those standards in RV diagnostic and repair procedures. The program tests and certifies only individuals; not dealerships, companies or other types of business entities.  

Pre-Test Requirements

Each test requires that the technician complete a series of hands-on tasks found in the sign-off sheets. The sign-off sheets were developed by subject matter experts and identify the correct way to accomplish each task. Some test questions are directly related to the sign-off sheet tasks and how they are directed to be performed. Specific sign-off sheets are required for both the Registered Technician and Certified Technician tests.

Registered Technician sign off sheets
Certified Technician sign off sheets

Optional test preparation can be found here:  test preparation resources .


Registered Technician:  $150.00
Certification Technician: $325.00

Retest:  $25.00 (one retest within 90 days) (technician is required to submit another test application).   During the transition period, if a third attempt is necessary, the full test fee will be applied.

Master Technician Upgrade:  $325.00
Technicians who do not achieve 90% or higher may retest at the full test fee of $325.  

Tests Offered

Registered Technician Test
Certification Technician Test


A preliminary score will appear on your screen after you have completed the test that can be sent to your e-mail account. Technicians will receive an official score notification letter from the Technician Certification Registrar via US mail within 14 days. Technicians that successfully pass a registered technician or certified technician test will also receive a plaque, personalized certificate, three uniform patches, and a wallet ID card.  The recognition packet is dropped shipped separately via UPS. 


Registered Technician – There are no recertification requirements for the Registered Technician designation.  At the end of the 5-year period the technician either needs to retake the “Registered” test or have moved on to “Certified or Master” technician status.  

Certified/Master Technician – Recertification is required every five years. There are two options to renew.  The non-test method requires a technician to have continuous employment in the industry and at least 20 hours of documented continuing education.  If those requirements cannot be met; option two is to take the certification test again.

Additional Recertification Information

Prepare for online testing

There are two system checks to be performed on your computer. Use the links below to establish that your equipment is ready for testing.  
Test applicants are required to show a valid id at the time of testing, scan the test environment and remain connected to the Proctor during the entire test.  (It is strongly recommended that you have a direct connection (Ethernet) to the internet service/network this will provide a more stable environment than connecting via Wi-Fi.)  You are permitted to use a non-programmable calculator (not your cell phone) and scratch paper/pen.  Breaks will not be permitted and you are not allowed to leave the room once the test has started.  

ProctorU (how it works)

Verify your computer