November 2016 Issue of RV Executive Today

Table of Contents

10   Win the Tech Shortage  War                   

Luring away other dealerships’ techs is a shortsighted strategy. Take a cue from this dealership’s organic approach. 

14   Former Navy SEAL Is Now a Fulltime RVer and Volunteer with Tents for Troops 
After multiple deployments to Middle East hotspots, Trevor Wilson appreciates the peace and tranquility that RVing can provide. Meet him this month at RVDA’s convention.  
16     Want Them to Succeed? Here’s How     
Your job isn’t over once you hire someone to fill a spot—you need to give him the right stuff to succeed.        
16   Simplify Life at the Dealership-- Hold Service Advisors Accountable      
If it seems that everyone in the store ends up getting involved with customers’ service issues, make life easier by training service advisors to do proper customer follow-up--every time.        

18   Your Customer Had a Breakdown. And You Have to Tell Him His Service Contract Doesn’t Cover It.       
If your service contract provider had placed a higher value on customer experience, then one phone call would have taken care of the customer during this moment of truth.      

28     Team Building for Sales Managers       
Sales managers who provide their teams with the best ongoing support usually experience the most success. When they dedicate their time to staff development, everybody wins.    

    Do Family Feelings Factor into Your Financials?    
Is your family-run dealership an example of the American dream, or an episode from Family Feud? If it’s the latter, here’s some tough love on separating personal relationships from business decisions.  

30       Go RVing Goes to College

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