May 2017 Issue of RV Executive Today

Table of Contents
8   It's a Small(er) World After All                           

What do potential buyers see when they click on your website from a smartphone or tablet? If it's not easy to navigate on a 4-inch screen, they may move on to the next dealership in their search results. 
8   Getting Them to Open Your Email       
Most of your dealership's emails are opened via mobile devices. Here are a few tips to increase the odds they'll be read.

10   They're Going to the Cloud
More RV dealerships are joining the trek to the Cloud, saving themselves money and IT headaches in the process.
12   Wading Through the Advertising Options              
Advertising on social media is where dealers need to be, say marketing experts. Especially on Facebook, with its hundreds of millions of daily viewers and ability to put ads in front of very specific audiences.             
14   Is the Tail Still Wagging the Dog at Your Dealership?             
Resistance to change is human nature, but managers can't allow employee push-back to get in the way of progress when new technology can improve dealership ops. Here's how to lead those reluctant horses to water, without giving up control of the reins.
Multiple Certifications Give Her Skills and Credibility in a Traditionally Male Industry  
Parts manager and warranty administrator Anne Baucom actually has four certifications. They come in handy when convincing customers she knows her business.   

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