July 2017 Issue of RV Executive Today

Table of Contents
8   Pulling in a New Generation with Light-Weight Towables 
Millennials and Generation Xers are becoming a bigger share of the outdoor enthusiast market, so RV manufacturers are designing more units that these consumers can afford and that appeal to their tastes.  
12  Finding and Grooming a Sales Manager
Your next sales manager could be on your showroom floor right now or in another industry entirely. Here are thoughts on how to recognize a potential manager and what to do once you've found the right individual.

12   Most Common Sales Objections (and How to Respond)  
Try these responses on the next customer who says "I need to go think about it." 
16   What's Sizzling at Your Dealership This Summer?                  
RV Executive Today asked dealerships about their most successful summer sales campaigns--and heard about bunks and bunnies.

18   Certifiably Professional    
Dozens of dealership employees became certified or renewed their certifications this spring through the Mike Molino RV Learning Center and the RVDA-RVIA Service Technician Certification program. Find out who the professionals are in this quarterly update.

19  Pet Peeves of a Parts Person
A parts manager dishes on what drives her crazy about dealing with technicians. Techs--any responses?      

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