August 2017 Issue of RV Executive Today

Table of Contents
10   Setting the Gears in Motion  
Are you feeling the heat of the hottest RV market in decades? Want to expand your knowledge and training so you can take full advantage of the opportunities? Bring your staff to the 2017 RV Dealers International Convention/Expo, where you’ll find workshops, exhibits, networking opportunities, and product demos for every dealership department. Register this month to get the discounted rate.

12  How Can They Help You? Find Out with Vendor Training +Plus Sessions
These top RV industry companies have products and services they want to show you at the convention. Here's the schedule of who's presenting and when. 

15   Pet Peeves of a Warranty Manager   
When your job is to keep dealership customers, manufacturers, and technicians happy, it feels like you're taking hits from all directions, says this seasoned warranty administrator. 
20   Is Social Media Selling the RV Lifestyle Without You?                   
Posters on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are doing a better job of making the RV lifestyle look appealing than RV dealers and manufacturers themselves, says this social media consultant. You can use that to your advantage.

24   New Developments in Digital Advertising: How RV Dealers Can Drive Buying Behavior
The first of a two-part series shows that getting clicks on your display ads is no longer the best predictor of whether buyers will search for more information about you or your product.

26  How to Choose an F&I Outsource Company
Make sure that handing over your F&I operations to an outside company makes sound financial sense by knowing what questions to ask.       

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