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10   Many RV Dealership Benchmarks Remained Steady or Improved in 2017
Compare your dealership’s margins and expense ratios with other dealerships in RV Executive Today’s annual benchmarking issue.

14    Long Winter Chilled the Start of Spring RV Sales
Cold weather stalled the selling season, but dealers say sales were picking up by April.

15    Dealers Worry About Steel/Aluminum Tariff’s Impact
At press time, the Trump administration had imposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from the European Union, Canada, and Mexico, all of whom promptly retaliated.  RV dealers are nervous about how the situation will affect the industry, which relies on the metals.

16   Measuring Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
Your customers may be satisfied with their dealership experience, but how likely are they to recommend your business to others? A special study of RV customers conducted by CSI Inc. shows it takes more than mere satisfaction to retain your customers and elicit their positive word-of-mouth advertising. 

18   RV Rental Revenue and Fleet Size Continue to Rise, Says Annual RVRA Survey
Almost 75 percent of dealers who rent RVs reported higher revenue in 2017, and most anticipate revenue will climb again this year. Many plan on enlarging their fleets.

20    Dealers Say Peer-to-Peer Rentals Are Changing the Rental Marketplace
The recent appearance of Internet platforms that allow RV owners to rent their units directly to other consumers is having an effect on RV rental operators.

22    “X” Marks the Spot: Why Gen X Could Mean Gold for Your RV Rental Business
Never mind the boomers and millennials—Gen Xers are in their optimal spending years, and they’ve got more spending power than you realize.  Not only that, but RV rentals offer just the kind of vacation they prefer.


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