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10 2023 Dealership Financial Benchmarks
For some insight, compare your margins and expense ratios with other dealerships around the country. This annual benchmarking section of RV Executive Today provides a point of reference on some important areas of dealership operations.

16 RV Rental Demand Healthy Thanks, In Part to Towable RV Rentals
A sizable portion of RV dealers who also rent believe they will do more business this year when compared with 2023, according to a survey conducted this spring by the RV Rental Association.

18 National Outdoor Recreation Forum Brings Together Business and Government Leaders
The event brought together an unprecedented number of government agency officials, bipartisan Members of Congress, Governors, CEOs, and other leaders from across the industry’s many segments to drive collective goals and strategies forward.

20 2024 RV Dealers Convention/Expo Leadership Course Announced
Peacebuilder Consultant Sara Jeckovich, from Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, will present “Giving Feedback” as RVDA’s special session on leadership development.

28 KOA Releases 2024 Camping and Hospitality Report
The report says active campers have increased by 68 percent over the past 10 years, adding an additional 21.6 million households.

19 Brown & Brown Contributes to RV Learning Center in Honor of Fran Roberts
21 Intro to Cash Flow Management Series: Part 1
22 Ransomware Gangs’ Favorite Targets
24 Run with Bad News, Walk with Good News
26 Wealth Wisdom: Smart Moves for RV Dealers
29 Gear Up for Growth Through the RV Learning Center

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