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10 Protective’s Derwin Williams: Solving Customers’ Problems in the F&I Office
Derwin Williams is an F&I trainer with a goal in mind to enhance an F&I manager’s knowledge of processes while maximizing revenue for dealerships.

12 RVDA Associate Member Spotlight: Q&A with Merrick Bank’s Lars Lundberg
Lundberg spoke to RV Executive Today about the RV market and Merrick Bank’s role in working with dealers to help customers finance the RV of their dreams.

14 Four Research-Based Ways to Find & Develop Better Service Writers/Advisers
A recent study shows that it is essential that managers know what drives each person so they can recognize and reinforce the connection between an employee and their work accomplishments.

18 RV Rental Association Promotes Professionalism in Rental Operations
Learn about activities the RV Rental Association conducts that are designed to help members.

24 Federal Beneficial Ownership Reporting Requirements
This mandate introduces a new layer of transparency aimed at enhancing the integrity of the U.S. financial system.

16 RVRA Survey Underway: Will Help Identify RV Rental Market Trends, Outlook
20 Thinking of Selling Your RV Dealership?
22 RVDA Convention/Expo Committee Seeks Workshop Submissions for 2024
23 RVDA Seeks Nominations for the James B. Summers Award
26 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash
28 Why Aren’t More Dealers Using this Everyday Technology to Fight Identity Fraud?
30 Dan Pearson Legacy Fund Generates $27,000 for RV Learning Center
32 RV Technical Institute Provides Overview of Level 3 Certification Requirements

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