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Put Industry Data to Work for your Business
With Data Analytics Reports from Statistical Surveys

To learn more about customized Spotfire reports and pricing information contact:
Scott Stropkai
National RV Sales Manager
616-281-9898 ext.128

The RV Industry Data Program “Spotfire” from Statistical Surveys is endorsed by RVDA. Statistical Surveys is a premier provider of market intelligence to the RV motorized and towable industries, and the marine and manufactured housing industries.

RVDA members receive a 10 percent discount on data purchases from this long-time provider of market share solutions for our industry. 

The RV Industry Data Program, using Tibco Spotfire software, provides dealers with data visualization and analytics that can yield valuable insights for better decision making, including data on where new units are being registered and which dealers sold which units by make, model, length and axles. The dealer data is only available for 34 states with DMVs currently providing reports but new unit registry information is available for all 50 states. Registry or placement information gives a complete picture of the RV market by state, county, city, and zip code.

Founded in 1958, Statistical Surveys has created the world’s largest number of market share data reports and offers tremendous capabilities in terms of cost, depth, breadth, and accuracy. The company has established strong, long-standing relationships with industry leaders and understands the intimate details of the RV industry, enabling it to spot emerging trends in the data.

RVDA members have access to a line of RVDA-endorsed products and services that can help dealers better manage their businesses. Some dealers achieve enough savings through this program to pay for their entire cost of membership in just a few weeks. These cost-saving, profit-generating, educational and business-improving benefits increase the value of membership.

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