RVDA Endorses Paycom Payroll Services

RVDA dealer members can now receive discounts of up to thirty-five percent on payroll services thanks to RVDA’s recent endorsement of Paycom. RVDA-endorsed products and services help dealers manage their businesses more efficiently by providing access to reliable products and services at significant discounts.

Paycom has been developing technology for payroll solutions since 1998, helping businesses streamline their employment processes from recruiting to retirement and everything in between.   By automating processes through a single application, errors and frustration associated with manually entering data and integrating multiple systems can be eliminated.

"RVDA is pleased to be able to offer Paycom payroll services to our menu of endorsed product and service providers," said RV Assistance Corporation (RVAC) Chairman of Board Jeff Hirsch of Campers Inn.  "Paycom has a long track record of working with businesses of all sizes to manage and support their payroll process."   RVAC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RVDA that develops member benefit programs for the association. 

Because Paycom empowers businesses with one system of record for employees, any information that impacts payroll is entered one time, with the changes taking effect throughout the system.  Paycom dedicates a specialist for each customer to call for help when they need it.  The company does not use an automated phone system or voicemail. Clients get a real person with expert insight into business, payroll and software to answer questions as quickly as possible.

For more information visit www.paycom.com

RVDA is the national association representing RV retailers. The association's members include RV dealers, RV rental operators, and RV aftermarket sales and service locations.