RVDA and A2C Announce Webinar on “Solving the Puzzle of Data Security for Today’s RV Dealerships”


(Fairfax, VA) – The RV Dealers Association (RVDA) and Accelerate2Compliance™ (A2C) will hold a 30-minute webinar for RV dealers on Tuesday, May 21, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. The webinar will focus on critical steps RV dealers need to take to ensure compliance with changing regulatory standards, protecting consumer data, and avoiding costly mistakes. RV dealers who are interested in attending this exclusive event can register here.

During the webinar, participants will learn:

  • Five ways to manage and protect RV customer data.
  • Tips to avoiding expensive IT and cybersecurity breaches.
  • Information Security Plan---do I need it and how do I draft one?
  • Important updates on privacy rights policies from Washington DC and state capitals
  • Selecting the right company to help RV dealers manage cybersecurity.

“A2C has been at the forefront of data security companies assisting RV dealers with the complex landscape of cybersecurity and data management,” said RVDA President Phil Ingrassia. “We encourage all dealers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn how to improve their data security and actionable ways to protect sensitive information. A2C is a trusted RVDA partner which provides dealers with proactive solutions to ensure dealers are staying ahead of evolving state and federal regulations.”

“RV dealers are in the business of selling and servicing the products and accessories they represent, not getting a Ph.D. in information security compliance. Working with Accelerate2Compliance enables RV dealers to understand and manage these requirements cost-effectively and efficiently, so they CAN get back to their core business – selling product!” said Greg Pfleider, CEO of Accelerate2Compliance.

This event is a continuation of an ongoing monthly webinar series known as “Help Me Solve…” featuring RVDA Endorsed Providers which are tailored for RV dealer professionals who are at the forefront of change and seek continual growth. The endorsed partnership between RVDA and A2C provides RV dealers with access to a selective group of dedicated companies who help dealers become more successful and address common problems and offer solutions.

About RVDA
RVDA, the National RV Dealers Association, is the only national association dedicated to advancing the RV retailer's interests through education, member services, industry leadership, and market expansion programs that promote the increased sale and use of RVs and that enhance the positive image of the RV experience. For more information, click here.

About A2C
Accelerate2Compliance offers cost-effective and easy-to-use information security compliance solutions to help dealers - and their vendors - achieve and maintain regulatory requirements unique to their business. Dealer support is delivered through the A2C Portal™, a cloud-based subscription software solution to provide auto dealers with a simple and efficient assessment process, robust tools and reports, and best business practices to guard against ever-increasing information security threats. A2C’s platform provides scale, configurability, and expansion modules to ensure you maintain, and can prove, compliance in today’s ever-changing privacy landscape. For more information about A2C, click here.