Society of Certified RV Professionals’ Recognition Program Announces Recently Certified Industry Personnel

The Society of Certified RV Professionals’ recognition program publishes a quarterly update of individuals who have earned certification or recertification from the Mike Molino RV Learning Center Fixed Operations Certification Program. The following list includes only individuals whose dealerships have chosen to participate in the recognition program from January through March 2020.

Newly Certified

Cindy Stritof,  Warranty Administrator
Amanda J. Poole,  Service Writer/Advisor
Keith Iuliano,  Service Writer/Advisor
Rachel Gummoe,  Service Writer/Advisor
Warren H. Kissi,  Service Writer/Advisor
DeWain Benavidez,  Service Writer/Advisor
Connor J. McLeod,  Warranty Administrator
David Harding,  Parts Specialist
Susan Lockman,  Parts Specialist
Michael Mora,  Service Writer/Advisor
Katie Davison,  Service Writer/Advisor
Brien Hyche,  Warranty Administrator


Debbie New,  Warranty Administrator
Tim Henehan,  Service Writer/Advisor
Julie Clapp,  Warranty Administrator