RVDA Seeks James B. Summers Award Nominations


The RVDA Board of Directors created the James B. Summers (JBS) award in honor of past RVDA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Summers, who was the first to receive it in 1986.  The JBS award is the association’s highest honor and recognizes individuals who make a consistent and outstanding contribution to RVDA and its members.  It’s that time of year, again, when the Board of Directors looks to you, the dealer and associate members of RVDA, to submit nominations for the 2017 JBS award.


The award’s namesake, Jim Summers, attended the convention almost every year after the award was established to present it to the next recipient.  He worked hard at delivering an introduction that would tease the audience through stories that could fit several individuals, eventually closing in on personal information that would identify the winner.  We lost Jim Summers to a battle with cancer on the eve of the 2010 convention. We will forever miss his quick wit and charming personality. 


The actual award is a gold ring that has changed design over the years, but its value is ever increasing – not just because of the price of gold, but because of the finger it fits.  The value of the nominees and their work with and for your association is what makes this award so priceless.


Your nominee should have provided at least five years of service with and for RVDA, and given consistent and outstanding contributions to RVDA and its members.  One of the few restrictions states that the nominee may not be a current elected member of the RVDA Board of Directors.


To nominate an individual, please don’t just suggest the name; rather provide the name AND a narrative describing the contributions this person has made to the association.  Make a strong appeal telling us why you want your nominee to be selected.  Staff presents all nominations to the RVDA Board of Directors for consideration at their June meeting, and the candidate must be selected by a majority vote.


Please take a look at this list of the past winners.  I’m sure you’ll recognize several of the names, because many of them are still active participants in current RVDA boards, committees, and task forces.  They are still making consistent and outstanding contributions to RVDA on your behalf.


2016 Jeff Hirsch

2015 Earl Stoltzfus

2014 Debbie Brunoforte

2013 Jim Shields

2012 Butch Thomas

2011 Bert Alanko

2010 Jeff Pastore

2009 Marty Shea

2008 Randy Biles

2007 Ernie Friesen

2006 Joe Range

2005 Rick Horsey

2004 Jim Fogdall

2003 Tom Stinnett

2002 Fran Van Pelt

2001 Dan Pearson

2000 Crosby Forrest

1999 Randy Thompson

1998 Bill Thomas

1997 Bob Strawn

1996 Bob Azevedo

1995 Jerry Greer

1994 Bill Gorman

1993 Larry McClain

1992 Dave Altman

1991 Dave Ayers

1990 Duane Spader

1989 Jack Moran

1988 Rex Floyd

1987 Gaylord Maxwell

1986 Jim Summers


RVDA will present the award during the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo, November 6-10, 2017 at Bally’s in Las Vegas, NV.  Be there to see if we announce your candidate’s name! Nominations are due by May 19, 2017.  Please take the time to submit your nomination to Ronnie Hepp today, via e-mail or fax, to rhepp@rvda.org or 703-591-0734.