06WB-CD ROM Warranty Administrator Learning Guides
06WB-CD ROM Warranty Administrator Learning Guides

RV Warranty Administrator, Service Writer/Advisor and Service Manager Learning Guides (CD ROM Version)
Developed by The Ohio State University Center on Education and Training for Employment (OSU/CETE), and RV parts and service experts, the RV Learning Center's learning guides provide the information required for dealership employees to excel in their jobs and prepare them for certification. The guides detail the knowledge and skills that today's RV service professionals need to perform effectively. They are based on a task-and-skills analysis of the positions compiled by industry experts, and include multiple self-checks and practice exercises. The guides can be used by mentors working with new or existing employees, or they can be used by employees who already have some experience.

Learning guides are available in full sets and by individual sections. Full sets include a 3-ring binder. The guides are also available digitally as PDF documents on CDs (w/o 3-ring binder). When ordering an individual section, use item number noted with section title.

Warranty Administrator Learning Guide
The service team members tasked with administrating warranty work are the main connection between your service department and the manufacturer’s warranty department. They are key to demonstrating how well your products are backed.

The Warranty Administrator Learning Guide consists of five sections:
Section A - Process Open/Closed Repair Orders
Section B - Process Warranty Claims Parts and Payments
Section C - Maintain Customer and Manufacturer Relations
Section D - Perform Administrative Activities
Section E - Pursue Training and Professional Development
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