00DF - Improve Sales by Rebuilding or Renovating Dealership
00DF - Improve Sales by Rebuilding or Renovating Dealership
Improve Sales by Rebuilding or Renovating Your Dealership: Facility Layout Considerations Many dealers across the nation have contacted RVDA with questions on how to build new or renovate their current facilities in an effort to increase profitability. Chuck Marzahn, of Marzahn & King Consulting, has been in on the ground floor of some very successful transformations. In this manual, Chuck details the thought processes and planning concerns involved in building a dealership from the inside out.

There are many ways to design a successful dealership, and the purpose of this manual is to provide ideas and inspiration for those considering a major capital investment in their dealership. It includes sample floor plans and photos of dealerships.

About the Author: Chuck is an internationally recognized RV Industry expert. He is an expert in the customary and usual practices of running a dealership. Chuck moderates an industry-leading Virtual Dealer Group program. He is recognized as the pre-eminent expert on the physical layout of the RV dealership facility. His expertise also includes fixed operations on the retail and wholesale level.

© 2000, The RVDA Education Foundation. 53 pp., 8.5 x 11".
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