Exhibiting Information, Sponsorship, Advertising, Vendor Training +Plus, and Application - Download it HERE
NOTE: The exhibit hall is currently sold out, please fill out a copy of the application and submit to be added to the wait list.  Send application to Julie a jnewhouse@rvda.org 
Next years dates are November 6-10, 2023 at Paris Las Vegas.

If you want to attend the convention, you can register as an attendee.  But we do have a no suitcasing policy in the exhibit hall. To register as an attendee (NOT AS AN EXHIBITOR) see below.

Register for the RV Dealers Convention/Expo


Caesars Palace, November 7-11, 2022


 MEMBER TYPE                     
 Dealer    $1,259  
 Associate    $1,259  
 Non-Member/Other    $1,759  
 Exhibiting Staff

 Do not register here
EXHIBITORS:  DO NOT use this portal to register. Contact Julie for information Here

Not a member? Membership info can be found Here

Instructions For Registering:

  • You will need a Credit Card and a Unique Email Address and Title for each person you are registering.
  • Click the button below to access the registration portal. 
  • Unique Email - You will be asked for the unique email address of the first attendee. It must be the email address of the person you are registering. Note: If you registered last year, your information automatically populates the other fields if you are using the same email address.
  • Membership Type - Select Member Type (Dealer, Associate (Which is anyone that is not in a dealership, but is in the industry.), Non-Member Dealer, Non-Member Associate, Other (individuals without a company)
  • Business Contact Information - On the next 2 screens you will enter the name, Nickname to be printed on the badges, title, and Company contact details.
  • Registration Fee – Click the blue “Select” button for the registration fee.
  • Add New Participant/Proceed to Checkout – Either click the red button, “Add to Group” to add another registrant, or click the green button, “Proceed to Checkout” to enter your credit card info and you will be on your way!


Click here to view the updated FLOOR PLAN


2022 RVDA CONVENTION/EXPO is a focused, well-targeted event aimed at the most influential dealers in the RV industry. Your customers and potential customers are combing the expo hall floor looking for solutions that will help strengthen their businesses. When you exhibit at this premier event, you are instantly in touch with your target market.

RVDA is looking forward to welcoming its members back for in-person education and networking at the 2022 RV Dealers Convention/Expo, November 7-11, 2022 at Caesars Palace.

Preview of Booth Cost
*pricing subject to change
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Contact Julie Newhouse at jnewhouse@rvda.org to be added to the exhibiting information list.