2018 Call for Workshop Proposals • Deadline March 5 

The dates are set for the 2018 RV Dealers Convention/Expo, November 5–9, at Paris Las Vegas. This is the premier education event of the year for North American RV dealers and dealership professionals. The convention is sponsored by RVDA – The National RV Dealers Association, RVDA of Canada, and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center.  The RVDA Convention/Expo Committee is engaged in developing a diverse lineup of workshops and networking events that will enrich dealers and their personnel to build on an expanding market. The program consists of submissions received in response to this Call for Workshop Proposals, and committee-developed programming. Submissions that appear to directly promote a product or service, or are of a commercial nature, will not be considered. In addition to responding to this RFP, Exhibitors may purchase a Vendor Training +Plus session. Vendor Training +Plus sessions offer exhibitors the opportunity to discuss and promote their products or services. 
The committee uses an online form portal to gather workshops submissions. We suggest you draft your responses 'offline' and then copy and paste your text into the portal's online form (Chrome is the preferred browser). 
The committee will review proposals that provide:     
  • Contact information
  • Bio with enough detail that explains why you're an expert on the topic. Include a list of recent speaking engagements.
  • Workshop Title. 50 character limit; subtitles are encouraged. The committee reserves the right to edit for clarity and length.
  • Session Description. Clearly state what will be covered in a 60-minute workshop. The committee must have a clear understanding of the intent of workshop and the target audience. Attendees want sessions that will offer interactive, useful instructional content from dynamic presenters. They do NOT want a lecture and impractical information that cannot be put in place by RV dealers. 
  • Learning Objectives will be used in the onsite program and must be written to complete the sentence "Participants will learn to." The statements should be brief, clear, and specific. 
  • Track. Select the appropriate track for your workshop. The options are: Fixed Operations, Rental Operations, Sales, F&I, Social Media/Emarketing, Dealer/GM, and Compliance. Compliance workshops are the morning of Friday, November 9. The committee may decide to feature your workshop in a second track, or move it to a different track. 
  • DEMO video should demonstrate your ability to present and connect with an audience. While not required, there's a very good chance it will impact whether you receive an invitation. This is especially true of individuals that have not presented recently.
  • PROMO video will help the committee review your workshop, and if you are selected, used to promote your session. Start the video by introducing yourself with name, title, company, and “I will be presenting at the 2018 RVDA International Convention/Expo.” Identify at least three things attendees will learn (the learning outcomes). Use the 60-90 second video to make it clear to potential workshop attendees what they will learn and why they should attend your workshop.
  1. Review the 'HOT TOPICS' identified on this page. 
  2. Gather the submission components identified above.
  3. Submit your proposal 

There are always more very positively rated proposals than there are time slots available. The committee strives to offer a rich and diverse program from a variety experts. Good luck with your submission and thank you for your interest. Please contact me if you have any questions. Karin Van Duyse, Chief, Mike Molino RV Learning Center, kvanduyse@rvda.org.

Hot Topics
The Committee welcomes all relevant areas of expertise, and is especially interested in offering workshops on:  
  • Understanding, managing and engaging different personality profiles/types
  • Exit strategies for dealers
  • Social media and eMarketing - including new techniques and reaching millennials
  • Selling - modern selling - beyond word tracks and scripts
  • Setting up and managing mentoring and coaching programs
  • Experiential/Immersive retailing  
  • Diversifying revenue streams
  • Finding talent: (1) recruiting and hiring from other industries, and (2) hiring and training veterans WITH 'how to' for finding and using state and federal resources and funding
  • Marketing channels: specific ideas with real-world examples
  • Analysis of market trends with guidance on consolidations and online retailers
  • Leadership and management training for department managers: motivating others, goal setting, and leading people
  • Targeted content for Young RV Dealership Executives: leadership and management development
  • 2019 compliance outlook
  • RENTAL TRACK: Operations: (1) Check out & Check in, (2) Damage: preventing, avoiding and handling this nuisance, (3) Rental agents that sell $1M. General Business: (1) Pricing for Profit, (2) Utilization, (3) Using key indicators to create solutions to budding problems, (3) Strategies for beating the new competitors
The Committee's final selections are based on a determination of the best mix of workshops that will create a rich and diverse overall program. The Committee will evaluate workshop submissions on the following criteria: 
  • Were all submission materials provided?
  • Is the topic relevant to the selected target audience?
  • Is the session description exciting and dynamic to captivate the audience? Is it realistic for a 60-minute session?
  • Are the objectives well written and clearly state what attendees will learn by the end of the session?
  • Are there immediately applicable ideas that the attendee can take away from the session?
  • Is there alignment between the workshop’s title, description, and stated learning outcomes?
NOTE: Compliance sessions are 8:00 a.m.  to  10:15 a.m., November 9.