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8     RV Dealers’ Confidence Level Reaches All-Time High                        

Results from the latest dealer sentiment index show that strong RV sales actually have dealers concerned about product shortages.
9     Majority of Dealers Predict Sales Increase of at Least 5 Percent      
Some 87 percent of respondents in Wells Fargo CDF’s survey say sales will grow by 5 percent, with 42 percent saying sales could jump by more than 10 percent.    
10     Well-Attended Shows Suggest another Strong Year in 2017            
Consumers have been flocking to winter RV shows, portending another good year for dealers, some of whom say the market could grow to 450,000 units.           
12   Shopping Trips: Attendance at Distributor Events Reflects Strong Retail Market           
RV industry wholesale distributor shows are drawing strong attendance this spring as RV dealers stock up for another good year.           

14     Getting Honored as a Certified Service Writer/Master Tech? “Pretty Cool!” says Lacey Pintado
Pintado,  who works at  Coach-Net helping people who are stuck on the road with mechanical problems, was recognized by the Society of Certified RV Professionals for maintaining her certifications. 

    More Reasons to Buy a Pre-Owned Unit from an RV Dealer        
Here are four good talking points for convincing customers that your dealership offers a superior experience to purchasing from a private seller.   

21     Go RVing Dealers Get New DVD, Pennants    
Starting this month, dealers participating in the dealer tie-in program will receive a new looped DVD as one of the program’s benefits. The DVD features short videos of families enjoying their RVs in scenic locations and is ideal for playing in dealership showrooms and customer lounges.


17       RVDA Hires Marketing Communications Specialist Eric Sisk

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