October 2019 Issue of RV Executive Today

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10   All-Electric Pickups from Tesla, Ford, and Start-Up Rivian Coming Soon
Will consumers get a charge out of all-electric pickup trucks?  Will RVers choose them for tow vehicles? Automakers will soon find out if their multi-billion-dollar bet was worth it.
12   Convert RV Renters to Buyers by Catering to Their Needs
The sharing economy is turning more consumers on to RV rentals. A sizeable segment of these renters are thinking about buying from your dealership. 
14   Maintenance and Repair of Dealership Employees
Experts say only 33 percent of employees are actively engaged on the job. So, what’s the other 67 percent doing? Here’s the key to getting more from them.
24   Action Plan for Introducing Incentive-Based Tech Pay 
Here’s a guide for determining if an incentive-based pay plan makes sense for your shop and, if so, how to present it so techs will beg you to implement it. 
26   The 4 Biggest Mistakes Managers Are Making with Millennials 
There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding over what management thinks its millennial workforce needs to succeed on the job and what millennials say is important. 
28  New U.S. Economic Census Report: Sales Revenue for RV Dealers Nearly Doubled Over Five Years
Preliminary data revealed from the latest report shows dealership revenue increased from $14.2 billion in 2012 to $26.1 billion in 2017.

22   Chrysler Ram Adds Tow Capacity, Gains 2nd Place