August 2016 Issue of RV Executive Today

Table of Contents

10   Everybody: Gear Up For Success!                

A record number of exhibitors, 15 new workshop speakers, a  special Dale Carnegie training session geared for young executives, an RV rental course—there’s something for everyone at this year’s RV Dealers International Convention/Expo.  
How Can They Help You? Find Out With Vendor Training +Plus Sessions       
Learn how the latest product developments can benefit your dealership as representatives from the industry’s top companies demo their products and services.
16     If Amazon Will Eventually Be Disrupted, You Can Bet Your Dealership Will Be, Too  
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once said that his own pioneering company will eventually be upended and that companies in the future will have short life spans. What does that mean for your dealership?    
18   Be the Torchbearer for Your Employees  
This author’s nephew got to carry the Olympic torch four years ago as a reward for implementing a customer follow-up procedure at his store. Here’s the simple technique he used to increase sales by 36 percent—and how you can adapt it to your dealership.            

24   The Surprising Root Cause of Dealership Problems—and Opportunities   
Employee conflicts.  Micromanagement.  Tense manager-employee relationships. Believe it or not, these common business problems are nothing more than personal problems in disguise.    

26      So, Are Service Advisors Exempt from Federal Overtime Pay Rules?     
A recent Supreme Court decision didn’t exactly clear the confusion over this sensitive subject.    

28     The Value of Extended Service Agreements  
Tim Wegge, owner of Burlington RV Superstore in Sturtevant, WI, shares tips on how his dealership markets service agreements and why he and his staff prefer the XtraRide product offered by Protective Asset Protection.  

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