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An RVDA endorsed service provider, CareerCo is a network of pay-for-performance job site that reaches more than 5 million job seekers monthly. Employers can save time and money in their recruitment by setting the job requirements and only paying for candidates that meet them.
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Our Pay-per-Applicant model allows you to set your own criteria:
• Geo-target for focused results; make your search as broad or as limited as you prefer
• No minimum spend required; set a maximum spend (cap) for each posting
• Edit posting at any time, at no additional charge
• Cancel at any time . . . NO long-term contract

How we reach applicants

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    Q: Where do you get your candidates?
    A: We use a multi-faceted approach to source for candidates. In addition to extensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM), our Career Advisors handle both inbound and outbound calls from applicants looking for employment. With help from our trained Career Advisors, job seekers can learn about and apply to available job opportunities in their area. We also send job alerts and email blasts to candidates in our database who have the skill sets you require for the position.

    Q: What is considered an applicant?
    A: An applicant is defined as a candidate that fits the criteria requested on the application. We set questions based upon the requirements you deem appropriate for the job opening. If the applicant fits that criteria, we submit their information to you. If not, you will not receive their application.

    Q: What is a CAP?
    The CAP is the total number of applicants that you would like to receive. It allows you to control the budget for each position.

    Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of applicants?
    No. You can set a budget (cap) according to your needs.

    Q: What if I fill the position before I receive the number of applicants that I requested?
    If you finish hiring before you reach the cap, just let us know! We will not send anymore candidates. You will only pay for the candidates that we sent.

    Q: Do you work with other RV and auto dealers?
    Yes! We work with hundreds of dealerships nationwide in helping them to staff all departments.

    Q: How do I receive the candidate's information? Will there always be a resume attached?
    A: Candidate's information is forwarded to you in real time, via email. It is also posted to your “CAD”- Candidate Applicant Dashboard. Although we encourage all applicants to upload their resume, sometimes applicants may not have their resume readily available. In an effort not to miss out on a potentially "hirable" candidate, we collect the candidate's contact information and work experience on the form.

    Q: Once I receive the candidate's information, what should I do next?
    A: We strongly encourage you to follow up with the candidate immediately! Our experience clearly shows-engaging with the applicant quickly increases conversion to hire. This is an active candidate who is interested in your job opportunity! We can also help with email alerts urging the candidate to reach out to you.

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