Karla Kramer

 Protective Asset Protection

 Karla Kramer is a highly experienced National Trainer.  She has an entrepreneurial mindset which explains her self-motivated attitude and commitment to helping others learn and grow.  Early on in her career she saw the need for developing and coaching sales teams. Karla worked in a variety of industries for 20-plus years inspiring others to seek what is best in themselves.   Her experience includes national and international companies such as:  Breckinridge Inc GMAC Insurance, Furniture Brands Inc and Protective Asset Protection to mention a few. She has managed a team of 16 and developed over 300 customized eLearning lessons, 53 leadership videos and 50 training manuals centered around system point of sales, selling/customer service, product knowledge and leadership skills. Karla’s energy, enthusiasm and excellent listening skills allow her to connect with groups as they comfortably interact, learn, practice and explore.  These strengths help her to interface with all levels within the organizations. 

Set-Up a 15-minute Impactful Sales Training

Thursday, November 14
9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Karla Kramer, Protective Asset Protection

Karla has developed a 15-minute sales training to successfully implement into your dealership and reinforce new skills and behaviors. This session will help attendees identify the differences between a sales meeting and sales training and learn how to design "CHAT" training. Karla will explain the proper way to conduct follow up activities and discussions with employees and how to guide peer to peer practices.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • Key ways to design and implement “CHAT” training  
  • How to deliver “CHAT” to your teams with focus and reinforcement 
  • Effective peer to peer training practices