Meaghan Cooper

 Dealership Toolkit

 Meaghan Cooper, VP of BDC Operations for Dealership Toolkit, has been running BDC departments for nearly 10 years. While getting her start as an Internet Director over an Auto Group, she has recently found her passion in the RV Industry. Meaghan has been serving the RV industry in a virtual BDC environment. She excels in this capacity to assist dealers in achieving their optimum potential for lead management results and phone sales techniques. Meaghan is dedicated to maximizing dealers' strategies to increase their conversion rates.

What Is Your Lead Handling Process Costing You?

Thursday, November 14
10:15 - 11:15 a.m.

Meaghan Cooper, Dealership Toolkit

During this workshop, Meaghan will demonstrate how a lead should be handled from the initial stages to the final stages of the customer’s buying cycle. She will discuss not only internet leads but also leads that are generated in any format, including floor traffic and referrals. Every lead, regardless of source or type, needs an appropriate follow-up process. This process needs to be dynamic--with multiple different mediums that can be used to connect with customers. Knowing when to use each medium and how long to follow a customer is hard and takes a lot of trial and error. Meaghan will share proven processes that will help dealers eliminate the guesswork. Next, the session will cover word tracks. A dealer can have the best processes but if your people say the wrong things, it’s irrelevant. You need to marry the two to have great success. Meaghan will share her scripting that will help dealers maintain excellent conversion rates. She'll close the session with a discussion on how to create call and email campaigns to dealers' existing clientele. Attendees will learn what creative is effective, who they should target, and of course, what to say when they get customers on the phone.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • How to engage more efficiently with their traffic and existing database
  • Key steps to increase sales with ZERO additional marketing expense 
  • Email and call strategies to better target customers