Graham Anderson


Graham Anderson is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Kenect. He started his career in television working for NBC Universal on projects and shows like the 2008 Beijing Summer   Olympics, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, The Doctor Oz Show, and The Today Show.  From there, he has co-founded and been the marketing leader multiple technology businesses focused on helping small businesses grow and generate more revenue. With Kenect, a reputation management and business texting platform created for dealerships, Graham helps hundreds of RV dealerships across the country to manage and generate thousands of online reviews.

The Reason Why Your Google Reviews Are Making or Breaking Your Dealership

Wednesday, November 13
9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Graham Anderson, Kenect

When customers look at a company with low reviews, they will almost immediately turn tail and run. Unfortunately, a lot of dealers don't put a high priority on making sure they have dozens or hundreds of 5-star reviews. As word-of-mouth marketing shifts towards an online review-based economy, online reviews have become increasingly more important. Online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions, and this number only stands to grow as technology becomes more credible and as consumers become more vocal. For business owners, the time to start leveraging these reviews to impact your business is now. According to Harvard, a 1-star increase in your rating can mean a 5-9% increase in revenue. If you own a business, this stat should light a fire to start doing more with your reviews. So, the question becomes not whether you should use customer reviews but how to use these reviews to the biggest advantage. It all comes down to understanding how customers engage with these reviews when making large purchase decisions. This WILL make or break your dealership in the years to come. Is your dealership going to hop on the train, or be left behind in the dust?

During this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • How negative reviews and low volume of reviews impact business
  • The best practices for generating 5-star reviews in the 21st Century
  • How your dealership will benefit from high online ratings

How Are Dealerships Communicating in 2020?

Thursday, November 14
2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Graham Anderson, Kenect

It's the 21st Century. Americans spend nearly 70% of their media time on their cell phones and sometimes can't seem to pull their faces away from them long enough to eat! Methods of communication have evolved vastly in the past 15 years alone. Gone are the days when a voicemail is responded to or even listened to. As of 2018, the average response rate to a voicemail was 4.8%. Email open rates have dipped below 20%. If no one is answering the phone or getting on email as much, then how are businesses communicating with their customers?  Attendees will get the answer to this question and more tools to reach customers efficiently utilizing today's technology. Graham will explain how your business can capitalize from communication tools that are already consuming your customers.  Social Media Platforms on almost every level have a communication tool built into the software. Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat. Texting! The fact of the matter is that dealerships could be reaching so many more customers and making life easier on their employees and customers if they utilized these simple communication tools.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • How to effectively reach their customers on the most current communication tools
  • Key ways to capture more inbound leads for sales through these communication tools
  • Higher/faster response from customers as well as increased customer satisfaction